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Trusted by Industry Leaders
Trusted by Industry Leaders:
Create & Cultivate, Yahoo!, Yahoo News!, Tumblr, Business Insider & More

Who Do We Serve

Whether you're a woman executive, C-suite professional, influencer, athlete, creator, or aspiring leader ready to build, monetize, and elevate your personal brand, or an entrepreneur looking to start or scale your business, Empowered Confidence has your back. We're here to amplify your narrative, boost your visibility, and unlock new opportunities, turning you from unknown to unforgettable.

Personal Brand Power

For women executives, C-suites, professionals, entrepreneurs, influencers, athletes, and creators seeking to clarify their positioning, amplify their stories and strengths, expand their visibility, generate a greater impact, and unlock new opportunities.

  • 6-month elite program

  •  Personalized brand audit

  • Community of vetted, like-minded global professionals

  • Monthly group coaching calls

  • 1:1 coaching support

  • Lifetime access to a proprietary personal branding curriculum

  • Boston in-person event

  • Exclusive member dinners and meetups


Brand Business Accelerator

For Entrepenrepnuers and aspiring entrepreneurs looking to start or scale their business. This all-in-one course covers everything from messaging, brand design, product & services, pricing, marketing, and more.

  • 3-month curriculum with 6-month support
  • Community of vetted, like-minded global entrepreneurs & aspiring entrepreneurs
  • Weekly group coaching calls
  • Lifetime access to a proprietary business development curriculum






Mastermind with a Retreat

For entrepreneurs looking to reset, recharge, and refocus on intentional growth for themselves and their businesses. 

  • 3-night, 4-day all-inclusive retreat
  • 4 months Mastermind
  • Professional headshots 
  • Community of vetted, like-minded global entrepreneurs
  • Weekly group coaching calls
  • Professional headshots
  • Two 1:1 30-minute coaching calls with Marina post-retreat

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Meet the Founder

Marina Middleton is a mother, entrepreneur, and a brand and business strategist committed solely to helping women build their personal brand.

Prior to entrepreneurship, she earned a B.S. in marketing and minored in fashion at Johnson & Wales University. Following her college career, Marina worked for Yahoo!, Tumblr, and Yahoo! News, developing digital media campaigns for some of the most recognized global and Fortune 500 brands.

Build a brand that makes people feel something.
Create one of the most important documents when it comes to your brand, your brand guide!
This guide will help you communicate consistent messaging to your audience and help you gain clarity on what exactly your brand is all about. Inside, you'll also create a brand style guide that will define your company's brand elements and how you will use them across all of your touch points.
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We are proud to have built a global community of resilient women from all walks of life.


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"Marina is the embodiment of a business & empowerment coach. She breaks down information like no other & explains clearly how your idea can become a reality. Nothing is impossible when it comes to Marina. She makes you feel like you are that girl - ready for anything, with a nice solid plan of course! My favorite part of BBA was the community. It was great to hear the stories of other women, bounce off each other's ideas and ensure one another that we have each other’s back. These same women are still part of my circle today! They inspire me every day including Marina. I know because of her success, I too can succeed in any endeavor I choose to pursue." -Marissa Alicea, Tax professional & lifestyle content creator

"Working with Marina has done wonders for my business. My first experience working with Marina was in her signature BBA course. I came into that program with the goal to launch my first-ever group program, and not only did I exceed my goal and make more income than I could have ever expected, Marina totally and completely shifted the way I viewed and handled my business. I came to her as a budding business owner who was timid & unclear, and truly felt like I left that program as a CEO with direction and purpose! I've also had the pleasure to learn from her in one-off strategy sessions, and I can truthfully say Marina overdelivers in any program she runs. She is focused, generous, and knowledgeable and brings so much energy to her clients. You always leave her feeling inspired, clear, and ready to crush your goals (she lights a fire under your ass!). Highly recommend hiring Marina for any offering you're feeling called to invest in!" - Sabrina Palazzo, Breathwork mentor

Empowered Confidence gave me just that, empowered Confidence. It gave me the courage to share my story and start my online business helping sexually abused & domestic violence women reclaim their power after abuse. Marina as my business coach provided me with the tools, resources and accountability I needed to get out of my comfort zone. She’s also hands down the best hype coach any women can ask for! 🙌🏼  In the words of Marina: Let the world know who the f YOU are!” Priscilla Quezada, Founder of Powerful Authentic Queen

Numbers don't lie

Numbers don't lie

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